Water Heaters

The water heater industry has changed dramatically in the past few years as efficiency and size has been impacted dramatically by new technology. There are three major types of water heaters that All Klear sells and services ...



These units are sometimes referred to as Instantaneous Water Heaters. They are very compact, usually about suitcase sized and heat water only on demand by using a heat exchanger. We sell the electric untis for low demand heating, and gas for high demand. The Tankless Water Heaters are more expensive than Storage Tank models, but save considerably more energy in daily use. <MORE>


Power Vent

Power vent water heaters save energy by using outdoor air that already has been expelled and is already hot or cold. Using indoor air, by contrast is more energy-expensive. In addition, these heaters are more flexible in their placement, and some less expensive to install if they don't have to conform to fitting into a chimney. Power vent water heaters offer energy efficiency and air quality to its consumers.



These are typically the most economical choice and we sell them in various tank sizes to fit water usage requirements, in gas and electric models from Bradford White and Rheem. While our new tank water heaters are very efficient, their physical size will need to be taken into consideration when making a choice of units. <MORE>

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